Our art depicts adult topics of a sexual nature.
If you're under 18 years of age or afraid of seeing dicks
and tits, don't continue.


We are a Berlin based collective of hedonistic techno provocateurs who will be in the US 
in November and December to perform and network around our fashion brand. 
Let us bring the best of Berlin crazy to your club, party or shop.

Our story


We have been members of the queer sex & techno scene in Berlin for quite some time now, known for our acts of sexual exhibitionism - everything from sex on the dancefloor, S&M play in the clubs, and simply dancing naked wherever we are. People always come up to us saying, “You guys are fucking crazy.” More than a compliment, we find that our bold behavior prompts others to feel more comfortable to do what they want. If we are getting it on next to you on the dancefloor, maybe you can muster up the courage to kiss that someone you like.

To reflect our mindset we called ourselves Verrücklichkeit - a combination of the German words for crazy and reality. We bring together people who are tired of restrictive social norms and taboos, stand for sexual freedom and individuality, and provoke others to question their preconceived notions. With exhibitions, interactive performances, artistic interventions, and our line of futuristic fetish gear which takes our exhibitionism to the next level, Verrücklichkeit creates unique and engaging experiences never to be forgotten.

Our works


Our performances range from classical onstage shows and interactive activities to decoration and hosting/party making throughout a party.

Our most developed act at the moment, called Verrücktlickeit Rites involves initiation into our tribe through fluorescent body painting with whips. The act starts with an S&M show where a slave is “initiated” through a heavy S&M session using fluorescent paint on various different whips. This gives a visual manifestation of the pain felt by the slave making it a very stimulating scene for the audience. Then both master and slave invite the crowd to strip down and try it themselves, usually in pairs. The body painting aspect gives people an excuse to try something kinky. Also we can make sure that their first S&M experience is a positive, artistic, and most importantly consent driven one.
This interactive portion can last as long as 3-4 hours and the scene devolves into a communally created paint covered chaos that begs involvement. We redefine the concept of club performance by making something to experience rather than something to just watch. Those who join in are also given VLK Berlin chokers to remember the experience by and to feel part of the tribe. It is often the desire for a choker and to be covered in glowing paint that leads many of the participants to join in.

As an example of a more traditional performance, the video above is from a performance at Revolver Party in Kitkat for Folsom Europe 2017. Here we did a short review hitting all of the typical fetish points; Bondage, Piss Play, Head Shaving, Whipping and Enema Torture, all in a very colorful and light way. This performance focused around breaking the idea of “real fetish” being some sort of a tradition that must be maintained.

We are exhibitionsts at our heart, and are happy to develop something vinilla and asthetically cool or as extreme a fetish performance as your club and the “local authorities” will permit to be performed.


Our costumes


We run a fetish/fashion brand called VLK Berlin, which sells handmade futuristic fashion/fetish accessories. Everything we make is bold and loud, a lot of it is highly fluorescent. When people wear our gear, you can see them change. They become dancefloor warriors, powerful and free.
We incorporate our gear in our performances and work happily with performers and other shows to develop costumes. Most of our interactive performances involve giving away chokers, keychains or other cool pieces of VLK Berlin gear.
The fluorescent acrylic that we use in our gear reacts very strongly to club lighting offering a powerful element to utilize in performance. When the gear is lit with red light it is looks like clear glass whereas when it is lit with blue light it glows fiercely.

Currently we make everything by hand, and are only capable of producing small batches of our gear. We currently sell most of our gear through custom orders to performers, or on consignment at a few stores in Berlin, which is easy because we can go see them on a regular basis. For now we are only able to provide US stores with a small and limited selection of our gear on a one time bases.
We would love to find a way to bring our gear to the US Market in a better way, but there are a lot of things we need to figure out before we can make that happen. We would love to meet with anyone in the fashion/gay lifestyle/porn/leather production industries who has ideas on how we can work together to really enter the US market.


We are lining up a US Tour in November and December.
Contact us with the booking form to bring us to your club or party.
Don’t miss your chance.



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